There are a total of seven levels, the interface is restored, give it a try now
Compatible with PC and mobile devices, with background music switch function, with two backgrounds during the day and at night
Big fish eating small fish adventure game, mobile games
Line survival evasion game, move the mouse, drag the line, evade white dots, and gain points
Minesweeping is based on jquery.1.10.2min.js, timed, and marked with ten red flags for minefields
HTML5 CanvasRacing game animation, racing game animation demonstration
In the shortest possible time, click on the numbers that appear in the grid to find all non thunder grids, while avoiding stepping on thunder
3DAircraft avoidance obstacle game, mouse controlled flying aircraft, avoiding obstacles
HTML5Rabbit eating mooncakes mini game, suitable for mobile devices, using a mouse to control the game
HTML5Join the gold coin mini game, control the left and right movements of characters with the mouse for operation
Sakuragi Flower Path's basketball home court shooting takes 30 seconds. Hold down the screen and release the shot when the force bar is in the red area
HTML5Crazy Penguin Mobile Game
Mid Autumn Festival mooncake eating competition game, click with the mouse to play the game, and see who eats more within a certain period of time
HTML5Game, long press the screen, the plane flies upwards, collides with obstacles, the game fails
3DBoxing King boxing game is based on HTML5 canvas and supports mouse operation
Groundhog mini game is a mini game developed based on HTML5 Canvas and Audio
Do you hate flappy bird? Do you have nightmares about that stupid bird every night? Squeeze them!
In the game, players must control a chubby little bird to overcome obstacles composed of various lengths of water pipes