Classic game restoration with two modes to choose from
Mouse click operation, the third order magic cube shape is usually a cube
Snake game is a classic puzzle game
2048 mini game based on jquery.1.10.2min.js
JS web version Snake Snakes mini game, native JS
HTML5 canvasTorrent Adventure Games Code, Maze Escape Games
As long as it's not white blocks, point by point, the game speed increases over time
The interface is simple, with optional difficulty levels: simple, average, difficult, keyboard operation
HTML5Digital block 2048 mini game, compatible with PC and mobile devices
【 Incompatible PC end 】 For a better experience, please use your phone, multiple levels of mini games
A classic guessing game with three cups. Guess which cup the gold coins are in
Written in an object-oriented manner using Tetris 2.0, a colorful Tetris game
A classic game that identifies the differences between two images within a limited time frame
The game is divided into three difficulty levels: simple, medium, and difficult. It records the operation steps and is written in pure HTML
3DThe puzzle cube game is based on HTML5 canvas and has a total of 12 levels