Super fun card war game
Divided into 4 modes, let's take a look at your reaction ability and hand speed
There are a total of seven levels, the interface is restored, give it a try now
Classic game restoration with two modes to choose from
Mouse click operation, the third order magic cube shape is usually a cube
Compatible with PC and mobile devices, with background music switch function, with two backgrounds during the day and at night
The goal of the game is to move ten stacks of cards and five sets of cards to be played with the minimum number of moves
Snake game is a classic puzzle game
Fruit elimination jQuery Fruit elimination based on jquery.1.10.2min.js
2048 mini game based on jquery.1.10.2min.js
Big fish eating small fish adventure game, mobile games
JS aircraft battle web version mini game, mouse controlled fighter attack enemy
HTML5 parkour games, press the keyboard Space bar to jump
JS web version Snake Snakes mini game, native JS
HTML5 canvas Shooting ducks games
HTML5 canvas Torrent Adventure Games Code, Maze Escape Games
By connecting three or more small animals of the same color horizontally and vertically, it can be eliminated
As long as it's not white blocks, point by point, the game speed increases over time
Line survival evasion game, move the mouse, drag the line, evade white dots, and gain points
HTML5 canvas brick shooting game, color explosion shooting game
Planet defense game, where space fighter jets prevent planets from encountering asteroid impacts
Press [Space] to start, pause, continue, and use the keyboard direction keys to play the game
Supports PC and mobile devices, a three consumer game with exquisite game graphics
The interface is simple, with optional difficulty levels: simple, average, difficult, keyboard operation
HTML5 Digital Block 2048 mini game, compatible with PC and mobile devices
【 Incompatible PC end 】 For a better experience, please use your phone, multiple levels of mini games
To hit bricks with a pinball, use the left or right arrow keys or move the mouse to control the ball to hit bricks
Based on jQuery. 1.10.2. min. js, it can be selected for a total of 30 levels
Adaptive resolution, can adjust the size of the chessboard at will, and can set the chessboard specifications (for multiplayer games)
TweenMaxmin.js production, mouse controlled archery game, draw an arrow and shoot it
Aircraft Battle mini game, can be played on both computers and mobile phones, with aircraft automatically firing bullets
Simple JS level crossing mini game, 4 levels, keyboard up, down, left, right operation level crossing mini game
Gravity ball scrolling, tilt the screen with the mouse, move the ball to a square, be careful of underground holes
Character avatar puzzle elimination game, similar to the box elimination type mini game of "Gem Maze"
HTML5 color changing pinball jumping step game, click on the step to change colors such as red, yellow, purple, etc
A classic guessing game with three cups. Guess which cup the gold coins are in
Written in an object-oriented manner using Tetris 2.0, a colorful Tetris game
Adaptive resolution, native JavaScript and canvas implementation for Gobang mini game (two player game)
Native JS writing, move the small person, push all the boxes to the position of the small ball to pass the level
Minesweeping is based on jquery.1.10.2min.js, timed, and marked with ten red flags for minefields
Easy to get started, just connect three or more characters of the same color horizontally and vertically to eliminate it
HTML5 Canvas racing game animation, racing game animation demonstration
A classic game that identifies the differences between two images within a limited time frame
In the shortest possible time, click on the numbers that appear in the grid to find all non thunder grids, while avoiding stepping on thunder
Game time: 60 seconds, fighting speed, beating Grey Wolf+10 points, beating Little Grey Grey -10 points
3DAircraft avoidance obstacle game, mouse controlled flying aircraft, avoiding obstacles
HTML5Rabbit eating mooncakes mini game, suitable for mobile devices, using a mouse to control the game
HTML5Join the gold coin mini game, control the left and right movements of characters with the mouse for operation
Sakuragi Flower Path's basketball home court shooting takes 30 seconds. Hold down the screen and release the shot when the force bar is in the red area
HTML5Crazy Penguin Mobile Game
Mid Autumn Festival mooncake eating competition game, click with the mouse to play the game, and see who eats more within a certain period of time
The theme is tank battles and defending bases, which can be played by one or two players
The game is divided into three difficulty levels: simple, medium, and difficult. It records the operation steps and is written in pure HTML
How fast is your hand speed in the QQ emoticon elimination game?
HTML5 game, long press the screen, the plane flies upwards, collides with obstacles, the game fails
The 3D Boonie Bears mobile game is based on HTML5 canvas, and the mobile touch screen operation is better
3D puzzle cube game based on HTML5 canvas, with a total of 12 levels
3D Boxing King Boxing Game is based on HTML5 canvas and supports mouse operation
Based on HTML5 canvas, egret_ Produced using technologies such as loader.js and jquery.min.js
2048Military flag version game, based on HTML5+JS production. Start the game by pressing the up, down, left, and right buttons on the keyboard
Groundhog mini game is a mini game developed based on HTML5 Canvas and Audio
A very beautiful HTML5+CSS3 game with music, very cool and exciting
Do you hate flappy bird? Do you have nightmares about that stupid bird every night? Squeeze them!
In the game, players must control a chubby little bird to overcome obstacles composed of various lengths of water pipes
Written in HTML5+JS, the effect is very realistic, and there will be no jamming at all. The effect is quite good (Xiaoxing beautification)
Classic Airplane Battle is a JS simulation of WeChat Airplane Battle game
A ground mouse mobile game that exercises reaction ability (only suitable for mobile devices)
The puzzle game of cutting building blocks is a game based on canvas to create and switch building blocks and cubes
See Sew Pinpoint Red Mobile Game is a lipstick watermelon see sew pinpoint mobile game (straight man benefits)
Memory mini game code is a memory game based on SVG cartoon icon matching
Here is a picture for you, choose to combine an idiom in the following text, answer correctly to enter the next level (better on the mobile end)
3D rabbit flying through clouds with carrots drawn based on canvas, click and drag to control direction
A 16 square flip icon matching game, with two identical icons flipped open for matching mini games
Click on each ball to connect the line segments. It cannot be repeatedly lit, and all lights up to successfully pass the level
Mouse click to eliminate boxes and other objects to reunite the animals. After the game is loaded, click to start the game (50 levels)